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What Do I Care?

Care & Share is here to help young people (like you) share with other young people (like you!)

Why should I care?

Sometimes it can feel like the advice in our lives only comes from adults who are "older and wiser"! But lets not forget, you will have overcome problems and issues in your life. You have tackled things and learned from them, so why not share that with others. Who better than to tell us what you do to boost your mood than those who have experienced it?

In Care & Share we want you to do just that. Now that can be something as simple as writing a few bullets points with your top tips for what do do when you're feeling low, or even a full story about a time when something made an impact on your life. Best of all, it can be anonymous if you don't feel like putting your name to it - that's just fine! Or if you want to proudly share what has made a difference to you- then go for it!

You can email us at with your submission, then our team will cast an eye over it and then pop it on the blog. (Please don't include swear words as we want to be able to share your submissions with everyone!)

If there's any edits or details our team need to ask about, someone will get in touch. Just make sure to tell us if you would like your name or any other details featured.

Remember, your story and experience could make a difference to someone, even just one person- wouldn't that be amazing!

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