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meet d-exy

Welcome to D-EXY an online support for the mental health of Young People when and where they need it.

We are a digital therapy service designed to help young people who are going through a challenging time or who want to keep on top of their wellbeing. We provide online tools and support to help them get back on track with the things that matter – like friends, mental health, work and study.


D-EXY provides on-demand support to young people with small bites of proven therapeutic content, videos, activities and practical strategies that work – all available online, when and where they’re needed. D-EXY also offers, safe, moderated online community discussions, and access to counselling – so they have real people to talk to and helpful information they can work through in their own time.

D-EXY is always open 24/7. Young people are welcome to visit when it suits them.

built on real experience

D-EXY stands for Digital Exchange Youth, because it, like the resources, programmes and guides are evidence-based, tried and tested and used by The Exchange Counselling Service in schools throughout Scotland and Wales.

This digital application has been developed in collaboration with young people and is a ‘one stop shop’ for mental health - available at young people’s fingertips - designed to give immediate support as early as possible in someone’s help-seeking journey, wherever they are. D-EXY offers a continuum of support: at one end is mental health promotion - ‘mental fitness’- and at the other end there is direct counselling support. In between there are ideas and guides for managing every day emotional distress and wellbeing challenges. 

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Effective, professional support on every step of their wellbeing journey


children and young people supported every year


of young people saw positive change in their overall wellbeing


schools supported by D-EXY and Exchange Youth

Are you a young person wondering what d-exy is all about? click here

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our experienced team bring a wealth of knowledge in building resilience in children & young people

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