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our promise to you


children and young people in the uk are "looked-after"

Dedicated live chat

The right support when you need it. Just click to talk to our team.

 (By clicking the chat on this page our team will know you are care experienced so you don't need to worry)

a different approach

We understand that there can be different support needed for young people who are looked after or care experienced. Within our team we have trained staff who are available through online chat to support you and help to navigate the site. We are more than a digital platform, our network of staff and their connections to external support agencies are fundamental to us achieving the best outcomes for anyone who has experienced being in care.

the promise

The promise is that Scotland's children and young people will grow up loved, safe and respected. To keep it, Scotland must bring about the change demanded by the Independent Care Review.

The Independent Care Review was built on what children and young people had to say. They called for it, and took part in it at huge levels. When its findings were published in 2020, Scotland's First Minister pledged that the country would #KeepThePromise. And that commitment got the support of all the Scottish Parliament's political parties.

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