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What is d-exy?

D-EXY is an online support for the mental health of Young People when and where you need it. We are a digital therapy service designed to help young people who are going through a challenging time or who want to keep on top of their wellbeing. We provide online tools and support to help you get back on track with the things that matter.

who is it for?

We offer different levels of support- "I got this" is for those who want to build their Mental Fitness and is open to everyone. The next levels which offer access to online roadtrips, forums and counselling support are for members. If you're not sure if we support your school you can get in touch with our team.

who gives the support?

We have a team of trained professionals working behind the scenes! Our wellbeing workers are all experienced in supporting young people with various issues just like you. You can meet them here

what does d-exy mean?

D-EXY stands for Digital Exchange Youth. D-EXY is the digital platform grown from our school counselling service - The Exchange. We also support over 600+ schools throughout the UK.

what if i need to speak to someone?

If you are a D-EXY member through your school you can speak to someone from our support team on Live Chat from 10-8 on weekdays and 12-8 on weekends. If we don't offer support in your school you can still check out our library for resources and links to other helplines.

i don't need counselling, what can i do?

D-EXY isn't just for those in crisis, we are here to build your mental fitness. We have loads of other resource -you can join a Roadtrip, browse the Mind & Body page for resources to boost your wellbeing, or join the forum and chat to other young people.

what is a roadtrip?

The Roadtrips are online programmes you can join as a D-EXY Member. There are roadtrips on different topics and they are full of activities and tasks to work through to build your mental strength. Each one involves different stages over a length of time and are supported by our team throughout the journey.

can i see a counsellor in my school?

We offer drop in sessions in some of our schools- you can check if your school is one of them here. If you want to complete a referral for our school counselling service you can do that here.

can i get d-exy on my phone?

Yes! The D-EXY App is packed with everything you can get on our website. You can download it for free on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, just search "D-EXY".

What is d-exy?

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